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New Merch Designs for dear aaron, the best thing, luna & the lie + more!

I just got a bunch of amazing new designs, including one with just my name, that has the cutest bunch of butterflies to accompany it : ) When I say you can get these made on anything you can imagine, I mean it! They are available on all styles of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, baby clothing, kids clothing, mens, women's, coffee mugs, stickers, all sorts of bags, shower curtains, floor mats, duvet covers, wall art, and a million other items!

You can check out & order anything your heart desires HERE

I've got designs now for The Wall Of Winnipeg & Me, Under Locke, The Best Thing, Luna & The Lie, Wait For It, From Lukov With Love, Kulti, and then a few none book specific designs for my name, The Slow Burners Club, and Candy Skull.

Free shipping on $45+ orders until Nov 17th enter code: FREESHIP11195cdbfa

Here are VERY FEW examples of what the store offers

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1 Comment

Aurora Scott
Aurora Scott
Feb 22, 2020

Miss Zapata, I'm still waiting on Zachary James Travis's book. POR FAVOR!

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