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The day has arrived! ALL RHODES LEAD HERE is finally back out in the world!! (The U.S., Canada, and territories to be specific.) You can find it in store at Barnes & Noble, Target and Walmart!

Get it online here:

I love this book more than words and if you're new to me, I hope you do too. If you've been Team Rhodes since its first release, I hope you enjoy the bonus content available exclusively through the Avon edition. (You can also hear it on the new version of the audiobook! Did you SEE who is narrating our favorite silver fox???) I start my tour today to celebrate the release with you guys in Houston, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Cincinnati, and I'll see y'all in two weeks in Atlanta. What an incredible dream. Thank you guys so much for your support!

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Alexis Beaver
Alexis Beaver
Apr 04

This book is such a gem. I highly recommend it if you haven't read it yet.


Gahm Singh
Gahm Singh
Mar 30

Will you be posting the bonus content on here?

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