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NEW Kulti & Lukov designs added to online store!

So excited! Just added NEW designs for KULTI and LUKOV to my merch store! Joining forces with the Wall Of Winnipeg & Me, Under Locke and Slow Burners Club designs that are already up!

Available in all kinds of T-shirts, sweaters, pants, baby and children clothing, phone cases, notebooks, coffee mugs, travel mugs, tote bags, water bottles, duvets, pillows, towels, shower curtains, bath mats, drawstring bag, laundry bag, zip pouch, tapestry, wall art and MORE!

It’s amazing all the options they can print on. I uploaded just a handful of the pictures to show a few of the many options you can do!

Here is the link to the store

FREE Shipping for orders of $45 or more

Enter code: FREESHIP9185cdbfa

Just click on the design you like and then select from tons of colors and options!

P.s. if you got this far, I know what you’re thinking… “NEW BOOK!!! AHHHH”. Its soooo close you guys aren’t even ready : ) SO… keep an eye out! Join my mailing list for updates on my website via the "Contact" tab!

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