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Writing and Australia

It’s been forever, I know, so let’s do a quick update.

I’ve had several emails asking if I’m working on something new. My beloved readers, I am always working on something new :). I might not have a clear idea of what I’m working on, but I promise I’m always writing (and deleting…). Luckily, I think I finally found the problem with my manuscript and I’m planning on going full steam ahead.

Here’s what I’m willing to share: the main characters are secondary characters from other books. (GASP.) It’s a contemporary romance versus a sports romance. (GASP.) I’m terrified–that shouldn’t be a surprise. 🙂 If all goes well and I don’t end up changing my mind again, hopefully it should be out late November. HOPEFULLY. No promises.

I just got to Houston from my trip to Sydney for Sydney Author Event, and I’m mostly delusional, so I shall leave you all with pictures from SAE courtesy of the two funniest assistants on the planet, my maw and paw. One day hopefully I’ll get around to posting more. I’m off to sleep before I head back to Colorado and my beloved boys tomorrow.

xoxo -Mariana

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