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WINNIPEG is out!

As I write you this, “The Wall of Winnipeg and Me” (or as I lovingly call it, Winnie) is out for Kindle now!

Check it out HERE on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Audio Book and Paperback!

Here’s a few little ditties to share before I go lay down (I’m pretty sure someone in Houston got me sick or my immune system has taken a downfall from all the stress I’ve been in with buying a house, trying to sell our car, trying to get the book done, being away from the boys and being away from the boys.)

-I rewrote about 1/3 of the book two weeks before I was set to turn it in for it’s first round of “official” editing. I was in the shower when these two ideas hit me, and I knew I had to write them out. My friend died right around the same time, and though we weren’t best friends, he was one of the kindest, most wonderful human beings I have ever met. He was only 23 and… well, it makes me tear up just writing this. It definitely changed my mentality going into Vanessa’s character and I changed a major plot point because I couldn’t emotionally handle it.

-Aiden wasn’t originally a football player, he was in a different sport. (Yes, I’m being vague with what “sport” because I’m still planning on writing out that story one day, heh heh.)

-Van was originally one of seven kids, and Diana was her sister, then she was her cousin, and finally ended up being the Diana she became.

I’m going blank right now but I’m sure I’ll think of other things later. It took a whole lot of willpower and reading every chance I had to get through the last reread after final edits. Standing in line at the courthouse? Reading. In the movie theater waiting for a movie to start? Reading. Waiting for a car appraisal? Reading. I had my notebook with me at all times and started swing shifting my sleep schedule. My poor parents witnessed firsthand what I mean when I saw I stare at the computer all day.

We signed on our house the day we left for Houston and we got back last night, so I will now be dedicated myself to moving.

Sense my excitement? 😛



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1 Comment

May 14, 2019

Hi Mariana, I loved The Wall of Winnipeg and me. Van and Aiden are so great and lovable.

I'm really curious what sport Aiden originally played. (Was he good at it ?;-))

Love, Natascha

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