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Okay, no one has actually asked me this question in capital letters, but I’m feeling dramatic tonight. Blame the fact I’m taking a break from writing an emotional scene for it.

(Emotional scene, you ask? You’re working on something? Why yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am, but that’s all I’m saying. It’s still a load of garbage and scenes that aren’t written chronologically, and I still only partially know what I’m doing. I’ll talk more about this adventure another day.)

Anyway, the From Lukov with Love audio book *is* coming. Production is done. I listened to the first fifteen minutes of it yesterday and loved it. I don’t want to say I think this is the narrator’s best work yet but I’m not going to say it isn’t.

“Is Callie Dalton the narrator?” This is the one and only thing I’ll give you (and watch my wording): yes, she’s one of the narrators. There may or may not be another narrator. This audio book may or may not be a gigantic experiment that I’ve genuinely been terrified over since Chris talked me into it. I’m being a tease, I know, but I have to vent. I don’t ever want to be too scared to try something new or do what other people haven’t done before for fear of failure but…

I’m still a little nervous.

I’ll share my little secret with you all once it’s fully in the distributor’s hands, until then, I’ve prepared you for being patient with all of my books in the past. If you’re here, you’re a Slow Burner. You can handle the wait. 😛

Hopefully you all enjoy it. My best guess is that once I get through listening to the whole thing, then approve it, it’ll take the distributor about a week or two to upload it to the websites where audio books are sold. Late April then is my best guess for having access to it.

Tomorrow, I’m leaving for “An Evening with…[yours truly]” at Inn Boonsboro in Boonsboro, Maryland, and I’m excited. I’M GOING TO BE DOING A SIGNING AT THE INN OWNED BY NORA ROBERTS. HOW IS THIS MY LIFE? Also, I haven’t packed a single thing because I figure I’m only leaving for two days and won’t really need a lot of stuff. Watch me start packing half an hour before I’m supposed to leave for the airport.

Going back to writing now. I just wanted to give y’all an update about the audio book. Wish me luck.


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