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It's time! The LUNA AND THE LIE audiobook is finally out! Narrated by Callie Dalton and Gomez Pugh, I'm so happy and proud of it. I can't tell you how many hours I spent trying to find the perfect voice for Rip. I hope you all enjoy it! You can check out the audiobook below (and yes! It is available on/for Whispersync!):


If you've made it this far, I'll let you know that I'm busting ass on my next book. I'm aiming for a summer release and will give you more information as I get closer to finishing it. Knowing me, I'll change my mind about a major plot point or ten a few weeks before turning it in for editing. -_- 


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Luzmary Alvarez
Luzmary Alvarez
13 nov 2019

Hi Mariana,

Thank you for you're excellent books. My favorite book is "The wall of Winnipeg and me". I have read it multiple times. I was just wondering if we'll see a book on Zac finding love. He was a very lovable character. I would love to see his character development. Thanks!

Me gusta

14 sept 2019

I'm listening to the audio book for the 4th time and loving it... The first time was so good I had to hear it again right away, the third time, was sometime after and now... we'll I am listening as I write this comment. Fall is the season of romance and a slow burn romance like this is really good for me. I love love love Gomez Pugh and have listened to almost all of his other narrations too. He makes a wonderful Rip. Callie is wonderful too, and not much of her narrating has gotten by me either. I love how Callie pinpoints Luna's character and intimate pathways, especially her development through the story and how her and Rip's…

Me gusta

12 jul 2019

When can we expect another book? I'm anxiously awaiting anything.

Me gusta
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