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Pre-Order WINNIPEG and get a Signed Bookplate!

Hi y'all. You can now pre-order the paperback for the Avon Books re-release of THE WALL OF WINNIPEG AND ME and get a SIGNED BOOKPLATE when you order from Blue Willow Bookshop! (While supplies last.) I'm so pleased to be teaming up with such a terrific shop to have this available for you guys. How adorable is Van on the cover, by the way?

Pre-order your copy and bookplate here:

On that note, some of you have asked a few questions regarding the re-release, and I'm going to try my best to answer them.

1. Is the bonus content the same as the Barnes and Noble version?

Yes! The bonus material is the exact same as long as you purchase the Avon version. (The only difference is that you get a bookplate if you purchase through Blue Willow Bookshop.)

2. Is there any other way to get the bonus content? I only read Kindle.

Absolutely. The extra content will be included in every format through Avon. Ebook, paperback, audio--however you purchase it, you'll get the material in every version when it's re-released on July 4th.

3. Will this version be available in other countries?

This edition is exclusive to Avon in the United States, Canada and US territories. :-) With Book Depository closing, I'm not sure how to go about purchasing paperbacks from other countries, unfortunately.

4. When will the audio version be up for pre-order?

Soon! Surprise: it's going to be a duet.

Thank you guys so much for your support!



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