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Is It Still A Dream If You Never Actually Dreamed About It?

Since my last post, the paperback of Winnipeg has come out, I signed the rights to sell the audio contract and…

Out of all 4 million books available for sale on Amazon, me–me who can never wear matching socks and is just a normal person–had a book that was number one for almost two days. I couldn’t believe it, you guys. Within 24 hours of hitting publish, it was within the top 100. 5 weeks since its release, it was still in the top 100.

And then I had a little of this, which was probably just as “what-the-hell-is-going-on” as the above.

That was a screenshot of Amazon’s Author Rank. Yeah–author overall rank.This was the one and only time in my life where Stephen King and my idol–the man who made me feel like I was okay being me, that I could be whoever I wanted to be–Dr. Seuss, will ever be in the same realm together. P.S. Ignore the picture. I really want to get a different one taken one day that doesn’t remind me of Glamour Shots.

Okay, enough bragging. I was overjoyed, beyond shocked, and incredibly grateful for so many peoples’ support.

I am sort-of hard at work on my next book, it’s coming along really, really roughly. Have I ever told you all how much I hate writing first drafts? I’m sure it’s going to be horrific. Beyond horrific. Monstrous. And because a lot of people have already asked… “What can you tell me about it?” It’s a contemporary romance, but I’m taking a break from sports for a little while, and trying my hand at something different.

This is probably going to end up going in the same way me taking French in high school instead of Spanish because I wanted to “challenge myself,” AKA it’s going to be a pain in the ass that’s going to make me want to kick my own ass.

Wish me luck. 🙂



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1 Comment

Vidita Agarwalla
Vidita Agarwalla
Oct 12, 2021


I loved The wall of Winnipeg and I. It’s my comfort book and I have read it more than 10 times already. Thank you for writing this.

Someday in the future, if you like/want please write a 2nd epilogue for Team Graves. It would make your fans day.

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