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Book store news

Hello friends!

I hope you’re all hanging in there. 

I wanted to drop a line real quick about **signed book orders.** Cue my sigh. Some people have noticed that I removed the 7-book bundle from my book store and have asked if/when it’s coming back. 

The answer is: it is. Eventually. 

Let me backtrack and explain that the bundles are shipped out in large flat rate mailers. Under normal circumstances, I can get the mailers (in small quantities) at the post office, but usually I order in bulk directly from the USPS site. Due to the pandemic (I’m guessing), my local post office hasn’t been carrying them in the building. I’ve ordered them from the USPS site directly but getting them has taken foreverrrr. I mean FOREVER. The last order took 5 weeks to arrive, and I blew through those in a week. I immediately ordered more, and I’m at the 5-week mark now and another batch still hasn’t arrived. 

The other issue I’ve been experiencing is receiving printed copies. Half of them have been coming in damaged, and I’m selling out of paperbacks like… Tickle Me Elmos twenty years ago. 

Basically: you guys went ape shit ordering big quantities of signed books from my store and I can’t keep up with shipping them because of the damn mailers taking forever to arrive and books are taking longer than normal to get printed and then showing up with issues. To be fair and catch up on the existing orders still in the queue, I took the bundle off until I can catch up. 

Also, please note that there is (and has been) an 8-week shipping period for all books through my store. My satellite internet is so unbelievably slow, and in an hour, I can only knock out 12 single book orders if I’m lucky. It’s a process.

am working on my next book. It’s a hot mess, and I’m changing my mind every other paragraph with what I want to do, so I’m figuring it out as I go. Yay. Send me good thoughts, please.

Last but not least, the audiobook for HANDS DOWN is on its way. I haven't gotten the files yet, but hopefully I'll be reviewing them soon. There will be a pre-order for it, and I'll share a link when it's ready. 

Take care of yourselves.


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Abigail Nielsen
Abigail Nielsen

Wow, slow internet is such a pain. Its funny too tho cause I can remember dial-up and that was even worse. I would click a link and then go make a sandwich while I waited for it to load. Thanks for the update on the audiobook. You're books are really great. I'm sending all the good vibes your way.


Jenny Sutton
Jenny Sutton

Love all your stuff. I have been listening to “Kulti” and “The Wall of Winnipeg” repeatedly since 2016ish when I started working nights. I hope you keep Callie Dalton as your narrator for “Hands Down.” For me, she’s perfect for every book.

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